How We Hire Remote Python Developers

How We Hire Remote Python Developers

Finding python developers online is just about the easiest thing there is. It’s one of the most popular languages out there. But, hiring remote python developers is just as, if not way harder. The objective of recruitment isn’t to interview, onboard, and add to the company’s manpower numbers after all, but to retain talent that can create value over and over again.

Every company has its own way of going about hiring python developers, and there’s no one right way of doing so. We thought of sharing our own process with which we’ve built a world-class team that has delivered excellent solutions to clients across the globe.

The Challenge of Trying to Hire Remote Python Developers

Python sits in a strange place in the IT talent spectrum. A lot has been said about the dearth of talent in the tech space, but does it really apply to Python? We think the answer’s a little different here. There are around 10 million Python developers in the world today and anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 jobs are posted on internet job boards. Indeed, we get thousands of applications every month, too.

The problem of hiring a Python developer isn’t a lack of options, rather it’s like finding the proverbial needle in one huge haystack. Ignore or overlook a resume, and you probably missed who could’ve been your next unicorn employee, so every detail and data-point counts.

To top that off, most recruitment testing formats are too rigid and traditional to keep up with the dynamic market that exists today. Many companies simply reject candidates because they couldn’t code a Fibonacci sequence in Prolog even though they weren’t well versed in it, or because they scored a little less on their college exams.

There is a massive disconnect between what employers feel is a good fit relative to the available skillset and its accompanying idiosyncrasies.

How Does Muoro Hire Remote Python Developers

Our hiring process has evolved and matured significantly since we began and today, we use a combination of different tools, techniques, and philosophies to attract and retain the best talent in Python out there.

Firstly, we’ve automated much of the repeatable SOPs and tasks with our AI engine. The system can quickly sort through thousands of applications to provide actionable insights into each candidate’s capabilities without overlooking anything. So, if there’s a great resume sitting somewhere in our database, we always find it. Since our AI engine uses advanced machine learning algorithms, it’s constantly becoming better at screening applications every time it goes through our database.

Next, we’re not limited to telephonic or even video interviews. Since our selected candidates may have their own preferences and time-zone restrictions, we communicate with them using whatever technology suits them best. Google Hangouts, Skype, Facebook, and In-office, we provide our candidates with every option possible. Our rationale here is that the objective of an interview is to get to know someone and people communicate best when they use familiar tools and techniques.

Candidates who make it past the interview are then subjected to a series of coding tests. Our test formats are dynamic and are directly tied to the tasks that the programmer will be involved in. So, when we hire remote python developers , we test them on both their knowledge of the language, how creatively they can apply it, and whether they can produce quality code while working remotely

We also don’t like to think of our hiring process as a siloed affair either. No point in recruiting if our team members prove to be a bad fit, or if they don’t like their experience here. We pride ourselves on our team culture which encourages open discussions, fair exchange of ideas, and flexible work routines. We also provide our developers with a higher average salary, industry-leading benefits, paid time off and performance as well as referral-based incentives which include paid retreats and cashbacks.

The combined effect of our entire process is that we not only attract the best in Python talent out there, but they have a great time working with our clients, too.

Try Us Out and See What We Mean

Making remote work is hard. There’s just so much that can go wrong and you need a good handle on everything, be it, recruitment, communications, sticking to deadlines, or collaboration.

But, at Muoro, we believe we have a winning formula that can be repeated to create outstanding results every time. We’re offering a free 2 week trial, so feel free to sign up and try us out. Visit: