Five benefits Muoro provides that other remote staffing solutions don’t

Five benefits Muoro provides that other remote staffing solutions don’t

Are you struggling to break the cycle of hiring average talent? Still didn’t get your ideal software engineering team? If you haven’t understood yet, resorting to recruitment firms & hiring portals don't work anymore if you want to hire the best talent. Especially when it comes to software engineers, there are certain constraints like lack of relevant skills that get in the way of scouting premium talent. So, what should you do now? Adjust working with average talent? No, not at all. This is where Muoro, an EaaS (Engineer-as-a-Service) comes in with these five benefits that no other traditional or remote staffing solutions offer:

1. Provides direct service:

As per Forbes, the shortage of software engineers is the biggest dilemma faced by many organizations. And with this pandemic playing spoilsport, the hiring game right now is complicated. However, we have an excellent solution to this. And no, we are not talking about a recruitment agency! Let me tell you that we are neither a recruitment agency nor an outsourcing company. We are a technical staff augmentation company with full-time remote engineers working under our payroll.

How is that useful to you? You will be surprised to know that business owners spend 40% of their day on recruitment. Instead, you could use this time to generate revenue. So, why not save your time and money by just selecting the engineer you would want to work with and get started?

2. Eliminates the skill gap:

You will be surprised to know that as per the iCIMS study, employers could only fill 6 out of 10 tech positions in 2019. It is becoming difficult to fill these positions due to the skills gap in the industry

3. Provides Silicon Valley-level talent:

Usually, even if you are successful at hiring a software engineer with just the right skills, there is no certainty that the employee would stay. Well, you have to face the fact. With many companies offering higher salaries, the chance of them leaving for a better-paying job is more. Especially if your company is just a start-up and cannot afford to pay, you have no option other than letting good talent go.

With our remote staffing solutions, you can hire the top 5% of Silicon Valley talent in the form of pre-vetted remote engineers without paying them salaries. You can build a world-class team of engineers without having to shell out a lot.

4. Provides engineers on an urgent basis:

As per an iCIMS report, most US companies take 66 days on average to recruit a tech employee. However, you can hire software engineers with the skills you want immediately with our service.

Unlike other remote staffing solutions, we already have full-time pre-vetted & senior engineers trained in-house. So, you do not have to waste much time and just get started with your project. Be assured that we also perform rigorous tests to assess and improve their communication skills and leadership capabilities. So, you have nothing to worry about while hiring them.

5. Offers a No-risk trial:

Just how many times have you faced a predicament when the team of engineers you hired was not good enough for the quality work you want. Or, consider a situation where your client stops work and thus, you don’t need the team of engineers any more. Now you are caught in a fix and still must pay them.

Muoro solves that problem with a no-risk trial. If you decide to stop working with our engineers within two weeks of using our service, you pay nothing. It is an exclusive offer you would not get with any other remote staffing solutions.

Now that you know how unique our offering is from others, why not take the next step and check it out with a consultation call?