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Are you struggling to break the cycle of hiring average talent? Still didn’t get your ideal software engineering team? If you haven’t understood yet, resorting to recruitment firms & hiring portals don't work anymore if you want to hire the best talent. Especially when it comes to software engineers, there are certain constraints like lack of relevant skills that get in the way of scouting premium talent. So, what should you do now? Adjust working with average talent? No, not at all. This is where Muoro, an EaaS (Engineer-as-a-Service) comes in with these five benefits that no other traditional or remote staffing solutions<\/strong> offer:<\/span><\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

  1. Provides direct service:<\/span><\/strong><\/span><\/span><\/li>\r\n<\/ol>\r\n\r\n

    As per <\/span>Forbes<\/a>, <\/strong>the shortage of software engineers is the biggest dilemma faced by many organizations. And with this pandemic playing\"\" spoilsport, the hiring game right now is complicated. However, we have an excellent solution to this. <\/strong>And no, we are not talking about a recruitment agency! Let me tell you that we are neither a recruitment agency nor an outsourcing company. We are a technical staff augmentation company with full-time remote engineers working under our payroll. <\/span><\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

    How is that useful to you? You will be surprised to know that business owners <\/span>spend <\/span><\/a>40% of their day on recruitment. <\/strong>Instead, you could use this time to generate revenue. So, why not save your time and money by just selecting the engineer you would want to work with and <\/span>get started<\/span><\/a>?<\/span><\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

    1. Eliminates the skill gap:<\/span><\/strong> <\/span><\/span><\/span><\/li>\r\n<\/ol>\r\n\r\n

      You will be surprised to know that as per the <\/span>iCIMS study<\/span><\/a>, employers could only fill 6 out of 10 tech positions in 2019. It is becoming difficult to fill these positions due to the skills gap in the industry. <\/span><\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

      As per a <\/span>report<\/a>, over 50% of CIOs believe that skills shortage slows down their pace of progress. But, what if you could eliminate this skill gap? And you can, with access to our software developers across 100+ varied skillsets.<\/span><\/span><\/span> <\/span><\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

      1. Provides Silicon Valley-level talent<\/span><\/strong>: <\/span><\/span><\/span><\/li>\r\n<\/ol>\r\n\r\n

        Usually, even if you are successful at hiring a software engineer with just the right skills, there is no certainty that the employee would stay. Well, you have to face the fact. With many companies offering higher salaries, the chance of them leaving for a better-paying job is more. Especially if your company is just a start-up and cannot afford to pay, you have no option other than letting good talent go. <\/span><\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

        With our remote staffing solutions<\/strong>, you can hire the top 5% of Silicon Valley talent in the form of pre-vetted remote engineers without paying them salaries. You can build a <\/span>world-class team of engineers<\/a> without having to shell out a lot.<\/span><\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

        1. Provides<\/span><\/strong> engineers on an urgent basis: <\/span><\/strong>As per an <\/span>iCIMS report<\/a>, most US companies take 66 days on average to recruit a tech employee. However, you can hire software engineers with the skills you want immediately with our service. <\/span><\/span><\/span><\/li>\r\n<\/ol>\r\n\r\n

          Unlike other remote staffing solutions<\/strong>, we already have full-time pre-vetted & senior engineers trained in-house. So, you do not have to waste much time and just get started with your project. Be assured that we also perform rigorous tests to assess and improve their communication skills and leadership capabilities. So, you have nothing to worry about while hiring them.<\/span><\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

          1. Offers a No-risk trial: <\/span><\/strong>Just how many times have you faced a predicament when the team of engineers you hired was not good enough for the quality work you want. Or, consider a situation where your client stops work and thus, you don’t need the team of engineers any more. Now you are caught in a fix and still must pay them. <\/span><\/span><\/span><\/li>\r\n<\/ol>\r\n\r\n

            Muoro solves that problem with a <\/span>no-risk trial<\/a>. If you decide to stop working with our engineers within two weeks of using our service, you pay nothing. It is an exclusive offer you would not get with any other remote staffing solutions.<\/strong><\/span><\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

            Now<\/span><\/span> that you know how unique our offering is from others, why not take the next step and check it out with a <\/span><\/span>consultation call<\/a><\/span>?<\/span><\/u><\/span><\/p>\r\n","tags":"remote staffing solutions,software engineers,hire remote software engineers,muoro","category_id":"2","comment_no":"0"},{"id":"57","image":"Five_Benefits_of_Hiring_an_Offshore_Development_Team.jpg","posting_date":"2021-09-07","heading_seo":"five-benefits-of-hiring-an-offshore-development-team","heading":"Five Benefits of Hiring an Offshore Development Team","content":"

            Nowadays, hiring a software development team is a challenge for many business entrepreneurs. Especially with the lack of <\/span>local software talent<\/span><\/a> in countries like the US, hiring an offshore development team can be a good option for business owners looking for quality software developers for their products. You do not need Silicon Valley-level IT professionals to make a mark and disrupt the industry with a new product for solving regular IT jobs. You should hire the best talent you can get. Now is the opportune time to choose the skill that can further your business, especially when the pandemic is fastening the need for digital transformation. And how do you do that? By hiring an offshore development team. But first, you should know the benefits of an offshore development team:<\/span><\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n


            1. Cost-effective:<\/span><\/strong> <\/span><\/span><\/li>\r\n<\/ol>\r\n\r\n

              As per <\/span>Cafeto research<\/span><\/a>, you can outsource IT services in India at the lowest rates. If you are thinking of reducing the costs of hiring quality software developers, this is one of the best ways to make it. If you are looking to scale your business hire offshore development teams<\/strong>. With a full-time traditional development team, scaling a business is impossible due to the salaries and other costs. <\/span><\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

              1. Flexibility in moving offshore professionals:<\/strong> <\/span><\/span><\/span><\/li>\r\n<\/ol>\r\n\r\n

                It will be a great advantage to a start-up owner. You do not have to appoint more IT professionals to work on a different project. You can always move around your offshore development team as per your project requirements or feasibility. <\/span><\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

                You do not have this possibility in a traditionally hired development team. So, for start-up owners, the decision to hire offshore development teams<\/strong> would be a good one.<\/span><\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

                1. Quality over Quantity: <\/span><\/strong><\/span><\/span><\/li>\r\n<\/ol>\r\n\r\n

                  Quality is essential when looking to launch an innovative business idea and when you want it to stand out among competitors. So, unless your project is a trivial one, you should hire the best talent. But, understandably important names like Apple, Google, and Amazon hire the best developers with commendable remuneration, and you are left searching for local low-quality talent. When you hire offshore development teams<\/strong>, your search is not limited to a location, and you can get <\/span>Silicon-Valley level talent<\/span><\/a> at a lower cost.<\/span><\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

                  1. Exposure to advanced technology: <\/strong><\/span><\/span><\/span><\/li>\r\n<\/ol>\r\n\r\n

                    When you <\/span>hire offshore development teams<\/strong><\/a>, you have to use innovative technology daily to handle the team in the best way possible. Also, you can get to learn about advanced technologies as you take input from people who live in different countries. Now, this would not have been possible for a start-up with limited funds.<\/span><\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

                    1. No headache of operating full-time employees: <\/strong><\/span><\/span><\/span><\/li>\r\n<\/ol>\r\n\r\n

                      Now, one who has handled a team of full-time IT employees knows how much of an arduous task it is. It comes strings attached, from paying them incentives to investing in HR activities to keep them happy. Managing offshore development teams will give you the freedom to focus on more important things and reduce your liabilities. <\/span><\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

                      If you agree with the points above, you can leave a comment to express your opinion or start a conversation. You can also know more with a consultation call <\/span><\/span><\/span>here<\/span><\/a>.<\/span><\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n","tags":"hire offshore development team, offshore development team, software development team, local software talent, cafeto research","category_id":"10","comment_no":"0"},{"id":"56","image":"hire_remote_python_developers.jpg","posting_date":"2021-08-09","heading_seo":"how-to-hire-remote-python-developers-","heading":"How to hire remote python developers ","content":"

                      The growing demand for remote developers is a hot trend in the tech industry. In 2020, even Silicon valley based companies realized the value of remote work. According to Insight, 35.3 percent of developers cited remote work as a job factor.<\/span><\/a> Even many Silicon Valley based companies preferred hiring remote talent.  The cost and complexity involved with moving employees long distances means that startups are looking to hire innovative individuals anywhere they can find them – even if it’s halfway around the world. Hiring remote developers has become the trend for many companies. <\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

                      Muoro is a staff augmentation company that provides pre-vetted expert developers and software engineers to companies lacking talent. May it be DevOps developers or Python developers, Muoro has got a diverse talent pool to fulfil any needs. <\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

                      \"\"<\/span><\/span>Python is one of the best programming languages in the world.  According to GitHub and Google trends, Python is the second most popular programming language in 2020, followed by JavaScript<\/span><\/a>.The statistic shows that Python is one of the most sought-after programming languages among software developers worldwide as of 2020. With Python being high in demand, there is talent scarcity faced by a lot of companies. But here is how you can hire remote python developers -<\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

                      Focus on your requirements <\/span><\/span><\/span><\/span><\/strong><\/p>\r\n\r\n

                      While employing a Python engineer, you should be very clear about what you are attempting to accomplish, what is the main aim your project has, and have the option to convey that vision. <\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

                      Python being a versatile language as grown tremendously over years and is now being used across various domains like web apps, data science, computer vision and machine learning. Hence, one must make sure which part of the domain problem you are looking to resolve so that Muoro is able to provide you with the right talent. This permits you to concentrate explicitly on engineers who have the right skills, knowledge, and experience in the areas you need.<\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

                      Lay out a plan on how you will work together <\/span><\/span><\/span><\/span><\/strong><\/p>\r\n\r\n

                      As soon as your requirements are clear, the next step is to document what type of relationship you want with your developer. This could include time zones and timing for contact, or perhaps payment terms. And it can be a valuable way for both of you to set expectations about the project's success from the start. Set a timeline for the project so there is clear communication on when to close the project. Also, set a budget for the project. Define the requirements and document them before interviewing the team\/ resource. <\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

                      Interview the prospective talent<\/span><\/span><\/span><\/span><\/strong><\/p>\r\n\r\n

                      When you have a clear plan of how to proceed with your developer, set up an interview and explain the project. Find out what they need to do for them to be as efficient and effective as possible. Ask questions about their process so that there is no confusion later on when you are ready to talk about money or deadlines. Also, conduct a technical round with the python developer\/ team and put technical questions on various levels that are relevant to your project. You can also ask questions based on problems encountered by your team in the past. If they do not match your requirements, move on to other options. But be ready to be flexible enough. <\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

                      Hire the right resource<\/span><\/span><\/span><\/span><\/strong><\/p>\r\n\r\n

                      After conducting the interview and technical round, you need to make sure they are suitable for the job. You should ask them about their experience with your project’s type of work or any other questions related to qualifications. The more confident they seem in themselves, the better, but do not rush into it too quickly!<\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n

                      Muoro can help you to hire remote python developers<\/strong><\/a>. Rather than conducting the long interview and selection process, Muoro handles the talent management for you. Unlike Upwork or Freelancer, which are outsourcing platforms, Muoro is a direct service provider company. It provides Engineers as a Service (EaaS). Muoro<\/strong> is one of a kind EaaS company that directly takes care of the entire talent hiring process. Muoro not only provides on demand engineering talent but makes sure that it helps you build your development teams and remove the technical deficit. Out engineers work as your full-time employees as part of your extended teams and are completely managed by us. We eliminate all the hurdles in the hiring process as well as make sure that the engineer is deployed and joins your team on time so that no business is lost.<\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n\r\n