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The Global IT industry is registering a 3.7% growth YoY, and it is currently undergoing multiple simultaneous changes. Developments such as growth in the number of tech startups, improved engagement with the investor community, mergers and acquisitions, large firms undertaking product development projects frequently and more are shaping the industry. With the right talent as a key success ingredient, firms across the world are making all the efforts to attract potential candidates. However, due to a shortage of desired tech talent, firms experience unnecessary delays to kick-off work and also bear the brunt of the high cost. Muoro to your rescue! We have an army of top vetted engineers across core technologies like Nodejs, dotnet, salesforce and devops engineers in AWS and AZURE and other tech stacks.

We understand your requirement to build the best possible remote team of engineers. Since we take care of all the employment needs of the talent, your only role is to leverage the skills of the engineers to suit your needs. We ensure robust support so that your team can apply 100% focus on ideas, conception, development and delivery. To provide appropriate support, we offer broad services, which are fluid in nature and can be customized as per the need, company or demand of the trend.

We have a highly skilled and experienced pool comprising of nodejs developers, python developers, dotnet developers, salesforce developers and AWS engineers that have been pre-vetted by us so as to provide you with the best talent in the industry. We possess an all-around variety of engineers as per their language expertise. Hiring engineers with us is magical, all you have to do is just tell us your requirements, interview the shortlisted engineers and Eureka! 

It's this easy to hire remote software engineers and developers with Muoro. We have made hiring seamless for companies who want to hire dedicated software engineers or hire dedicated software development teams by providing you top vetted talent and deploying them within 3 days after you finalize the candidate. Also, you get a 2-week risk-free trial where you pay nothing if you don't like our services. We even provide end-to-end management after the hiring so that the peace of mind and work are never hindered.



Engineers on demand

You name the skill, and we have just the right fit! We have a pool of Expert Python, Java and dot net engineers who work as an extended team of our clients and transform ideas into reality

Talent Curation

With a sharp focus on perfection, we source the best angular and reactjs talent from across the world and help our partners in staying ahead of the curve!

COE Setup

We build, scale and manage remote teams with the right talent, budget and within time.

Hire dedicated engineers with Muoro

Build your dream team in a matter of a few weeks with Muoro, without burning a hole into your pocket! Connect with us to know more