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Become a part of an elite pool of engineers and work for global companies remotely

Being a part of premier talent organisation, earn at least 30% better working with top companies

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Who can become a Muoro Engineer?

Muoro is an elite organisation who have been pioneers in providing top vetted engineers to global companies. We onboard engineers who are highly skilled and experience and help them uplift their career through remote working environment, global exposure and better pay. Become a Muoro developer and join the forces with other top engineering talent.

We hire the best engineering talent to work with top companies.

We allow full-time as well as part-time opportunity with minimum commitment of 80 hours/month.

More the experience, better is the opportunity. We hire engineers who have worked at senior level and help them elevate to the next level.

We hire engineers who are not only skilled but understand remote working challenges and possess good communication and soft skills.

We work with many companies in the US, hence we require a 4 hour overlap with their timezone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of developers does Muoro hire?

Muoro hires developers who are highly skilled in any tech stack with atleast 3+ years of experience and good communication skills. We help developers accelerate their career growth through remote software engineering jobs and higher pay at the same time.

How is Muoro different from other remote based job providers?

Muoro is different in a lot of terms. Majorly what makes us stand apart is the remote working culture and all our engineers being part of our in house pool. We are not an aggregator, we are a direct provider which makes you an asset of the company.

How many rounds do I need to clear before selection?

After your resume is screened, you have to go through three rounds namely - coding test, technical interview and personal interview. Once you clear it all, you become a Muoro developer and ready to accelerate your career growth with us.

Does Muoro hire fresh graduates?

Ideally, we only onboard engineers with at least 3 years of experience, but if you think you got something exceptional, we wouldn't say no to screen you.

Testimonials has helped me to understand the culture which is associated in building large scale applications, it was great experience working remotely with peers from top companies present all across the world

Mohit D. has been an amazing platform to up skill yourself and help other organizations with your experience. Through Muoro I was able to express my knowledge and help organization with technical consultation

Mukul J.

Stay tuned for the next applications!

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