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Muoro believes in transparency in process and communication. Hence, we would love to address any query that you may have. In case your query is not listed in FAQs below then you can send in your questions and we will get back to you with how we can help you better. Happy to connect!


Based in the USA and India, Muoro is a talent and capability building company. We focus on curating highly skilled and dedicated engineers across AI, Data Science, Data Engineering and other niche sectors. We help our partner firms access niche talent for high growth.

Muoro is dedicated to working with partner firms as their extended team, with complete transparency and desired agility. Our partner firms leverage Muoro’s talent pool of engineers with premier skills and rich knowledge to achieve ambitious technology projects.

We are a tech capability company involved in training and deploying engineers on niche technologies. Our company strives to build a community and develop the right talent, onsite or remotely.

Muoro does not work with freelancers. We have a dedicated team with the right skills, and we work as your firm’s extended team. The team affiliated with your firm will blend with your company culture to achieve the desired targets. Muoro also ensures intensive training of the engineers before deploying them with any of our clients.

Yes, a work contract for at least 80 hours a month is required. To test us, you can also avail a FREE TRIAL of 5 days.

For projects upto 2 months, the cost is estimated basis time and material invested. Above 2 months of engagement, a fixed monthly retainer will be fixed for each resource deployed.

Muoro strives to deliver the best. However, if any issue is faced by a partner firm with any of the engineers deployed; the engineer(s) is replaced within a mutually agreed timeline.

To dismantle the team, you just need to inform your account manager in 25 days in advance , and our engineers will do the knowledge transfer and documentation if required.

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