Payment Mechanism Integration

  • Case Study
  • 2020-10-29
  • Muoro Team

Payment Mechanism Integration

The Company:

The organization is a Medical Ecommerce player in the U.K, providing medicines on-demand. The company is an online pharmacy store having 50k users of the service.

The Challenge:

The ecommerce portal was built using mean stack and the challenge it faced was to retrieve right information of the billing of each buyer when it checks out from the cart and send it to paypal and other payment processing agencies, moreover the online portal was not able fetch out the data properly and got it wrong most of the time, which created a hindrance for business processing and decreased sales.

The Solution Offered by MUORO:

MUORO partnered with the organization and helped them to migrate from their current IT infrastructure to AWS (Amazon EKS) a managed service that makes it easy for an organization to run Kubernetes on AWS without needing to install and operate their own Kubernetes clusters, this helped them form a robust containerized system and get the advantage of parallel computing.

The datasets now were synchronized; we integrated and created a payment mechanism with leading payment services through third party APIs.


Worked on the following technologies in this project:
  1. AWS (Amazon Web Services )
  2. Kubernetes
  3. Node.js for backend integration
  4. Python for data handling
  5. REST APIss

The Impact:
  1. The business growth was about 90% in revenues
  2. User growth increase 74%
  3. Operation cost decreased about 25% with change of backend IT infrastructure.
  4. CAC decreased 30%
  5. Retention rate increased 40%
  6. The company is planning to roll out new ML based internal application to study user behavior and drive up the targeted marketing campaigns.

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