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Payment Mechanism Integration

  • Case Study
  • 2020-10-29
  • Muoro Team

Payment Mechanism Integration

Company Profile Where Muoro Helped to Hire Dedicated Virtual Engineers

An online pharmacy store having more than 50 K user base provides all kind of medicines on demand in UK.

Goal of the Company:

To provide a hassle free, easy, correct and safe payment gateway system to their customers without any delay.

Why Company Were Needed to Enhance Their Bandwidth With The Right Skill-set?

A highly skilled tech-savvy team was needed to implement the solution. As the portal was LIVE and every minute was deteriorating their sales as well as users, so they were in need of quick hiring, someone with required skills and budgeted too. Muoro helped them to meet those skillful employees in less than 72 hours.

Problem where these employees worked on - The pharmacy store was facing problem to execute their ecommerce portal error-free and quick. Their ecommerce portal was built using mean stack. So they were needed the skilled professionals to improvise their payment gateway system. It fetched the wrong information at the time of billing. As the payment portal was not able to fetch out the data properly most of the time, it created a hindrance for business processing and decreased sales.

How Muoro Helped Them to Meet Right Team of Experts? 

As client wanted to migrate their current IT infrastructure to AWS (Amazon EKS), Muoro helped them by providing remote AWS specialists from their skilled pool of engineers who were well assimilated within company environment in short span of time. These engineers were trained experts and did their task skillfully in all professional way. 

AWS experts helped them to make their dataset synchronized. For payment mechanism, these remote experts integrated their payment gateway with leading payment services through third-party APIs.

Which Technologies were Served by These Tech Experts?

Technologies used by AWS Experts provided by Muoro to create a smooth experience:

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Kubernetes
  • Node.js for backend integration
  • Python for data handling

What did They Achieve?

As they have skilled experts, the pharmacy store developed their desired solution in very quick timeframe and noticed these benefits:


  • The business growth was about 90% in revenues.




  • User growth increased by 74%




  • Operation cost decreased about 25% with change of backend IT infrastructure.



  • CAC decreased 30%



  • Retention rate increased 40%


Future Goals:

The company is planning to roll out new ML based internal application to study user behavior and drive up the targeted marketing campaigns.

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