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Data Visualization For Analytical Reporting

  • Case Study
  • 2020-10-29
  • Muoro Team

Data Visualization For Analytical Reporting

Company Profile Where Remote Devops engineers were Provided

One of the largest providers of federal flood insurance (NFIP) policies was in need of a cloud-based solution allowing populating data in the data warehouse and generating analytical reporting on top of the data warehouse.


Why Company Needed the Right Skill-set in Their Team?

  • Right platform for the implementation of analytical reporting
  • Dashboard system which allows analyzing different measures on map view drillable from total to company, to state, to zip code and other co-related attributes present in the data.


How Muoro Helped Them to Meet the Required Talent?

  • ETL process for a set of policy data using Azure Data Factory and moving them from text file data to SQL Data warehouse
  • Dashboard system showing reports in Power BI
  • A map which so all the risks color-coded by the different companies (slips) - ability to view each company separately or together. Also, the possibility to see zip codes shaded as a map layer.
  • Total policy count drillable from total to company, to state, to zip code
  • Total policy premium drillable from total to company, to state, to zip code.


Which technologies were utilized by the experts?

  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Blob storage
  • Azure SQL Data warehouse
  • Power BI


What did they achieve?

The total life cycle of this project was about 4 months and the organization was able to leverage its existing data in a well-defined way.


                           35% percent decrease on average time taken to assess the insurance

                                        value to be provided.


                          Reduced cost of around 25%, as earlier the data had to be given to

                                        consultancy firm to assess the reports manually



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